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Call In Sick Before You Get Sick So You Don’t Get Sick

Shshshsh. Don’t tell my boss, but I’m not coming into work today. I’m not sick exactly, but I feel like I’m coming down with something. If I go to work, it’ll break out. But if I stay home now, I think I can beat it!…
Doesn’t it suck when you finally get/take a much needed/deserved day off, but you can’t enjoy it because you’re totally sick! Isn’t it ironic (& not in the Alanis sense)? But do you feel guilty calling in sick when you’re not really.. yet? Well don’t!
You’re going to get sick anyways if you don’t listen to your body and recharge before it’s too late. It may help your consciense to only call in sick when you’re completely flattened, but it’s not exactly preventative. Do you want to treat the symptoms, or the problem?
Some may call them mental health days, I just call them reality days. As in it’s not realisitic to think that you’re a machine, and to put your company ahead of your own health.
Enjoy your day off, and don’t feel you have to wallow in your own maliase to justify a sick day. Take a sick day before you actually get sick!


Ottawa Senators: Trade Vermette and Fisher

What’s wrong with the Senators? It comes down to two players who aren’t performing – Antoine Vermette & Mike Fisher. Unfortunately, they’re two of the most popular players in town (at least the ladies really seem to like them), so that makes it hard to trade them.
Teams have been frothing at the mouth for Vermette for years, and -hindsight being 20/20-, we should have traded him when his stock was high. Fisher’s slump of last year (when the whole team then slumped with him) wasn’t an aboration, but in fact a glimpse into the future of a player who’s peaked.
Bad drafting under GM Muckler is also at fault. With the new salary cap age, and with players now becoming free agents much sooner, the success of a team is now won or lost at the draft. The Senators used to be svengali’s at the draft, so -at first blush- this should have favoured the team. Perhaps the TSN Turning Point came when we passed over a Stahl brother to pick-up Brian Lee (gasp!).
The Sens can’t blame their goaltending anymore, and they’re defense has been solid. Another player who we should have traded when his stock was high is Christoph Shubert. We have a PK specialist in Chris Kelly, so -since Vermette isn’t scoring- Antoine has become expendable.
It’s too bad Sens fans rode Joe Corvo out of town on a stake. Offensive defensemen seem rare in this day and age, & we could desperately use some of his offensive flare right about now. And the Ottawa media screaming for a trade last year lost us Corvo & the popular player’s player Patrick Eaves for two rental players who promptly flew the coup at seasons end.
Finally, I think everyone should get off Jason Spezza’s back. It’s no wonder he’s having an off-year, when everyone jumped all over him for a single miscue in game 1 of the season and stayed on him like a dog on a bone. Every single team in the NHL would kill to have this guy in their uniform. Another problem is that Heatley just dones’t have the one-timer we’re used to, and it may take awhile to get it back.
It’s time to trade Fisher & Vermette for prospects, although perhaps not until the trade deadline when the price goes up.


Impeach the Mayor!

Is it just me, or does Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien look exactly like Lex Luther?! His handling of the arts funding cuts fiasco was underhanded, and now he’s pigheadedly created a crisis with our bus drivers, an already cynical bunch itching for a fight. (If Larry had ever taken a bus in this city he would know this – I can’t count the number of times the drivers have had on-the-job protests, refusing fares.)
The timing couldn’t be worse for the city. The retailers count on Christmas to make their profit for the whole year, and we’re in a severe economic downturn. And with the Jr. World Hockey Championships in town, O’Brien’s looking positively Mel Lastman-esque in terms of embarrassing us on the international stage. Empty stands and a city in chaos don’t exactly make us look like a class act.
Isn’t O’Brien fighting corruption charges right now? What, I ask, is he still doing in office? It’s time for him to go.

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