Let’s Dump Harper


How does Stephen Harper remain popular? We need to get rid of this guy & fast before he tears down everything Canada stands for. His arrogance knows no bounds, and that was nearly his undoing last fall – hopefully it will ultimately consume him & his ideologue, autocrat career.

Musicians are bristling over his rendition of the Beatles “With A Little Help From My Friends”. How rich that he cow-tows to Canadian high-art society with this low-brow spectacle. The Beatles songbook is hallowed ground, and so it’s sacrilege for Harper to be singing from that repertoire, particularly in light of the fact that he’s systematically tearing down arts funding across the board. They cried foul and punished Harper in the polls in Quebec in the last election because arts funding to Quebecoise means protecting their culture. In the rest of Canada we took it without blinking or complaining, as is the Canadian way.

The Harper government began it’s flimsy mandate with a huge budget surplus bequeathed by the Liberals, which they squandered into a deficit before the economic hard times and subsequent bail-outs even hit. Where is the money all going, if not to the arts? And lets not forget the CBC funding cuts, something that Conservatives have been itching to do for eons. All their goodwill goes to CTV (aka the Conservative Television Vortex), where two of their most senior reporters were recently given plum thank-you-very-much posts to the Senate.

Do we really know Stephen Harper? Does he have any discernable character at all? Does he even -dare I say- have a soul? After Michelle Jean ignorantly saved his government last December I say no more trophy Governor General’s (although the damage is already done). (I wonder what threats were levied to get that deal done.) As goofy as Dion was, they didn’t call him Captain Canada for no reason.

There’s a reason Canada has been predominantly, historically a Liberal led country. Whenever the Conservatives get into power they wreck the place. Fiscal Conservatism is a painfully ironic oxymoron – just look at the States, where Bush destroyed the country economically so thoroughly and left it so beholden to Chinese loans that President Obama can’t even meet with the Dalia Lama for fear of annoying them. Mulroney gave us Free Trade, which basically signed our country over to the U.S. who can now buy us wholesale without restrictions. Conservatives screamed bloody murder to balance budgets in the 90’s, and as soon as they got in they spent like drunken sailors – but not on anything of any social or cultural value, much less helping the poor & disadvantaged. I have to wonder what other evil plans Harper is hatching in the PMO.

Do politicians not learn from history? – Great civilizations over the ages have placed great importance on the arts & culture, as both a by-product & a cause of their greatness. It’s time to wake up, rise up and get rid of this guy. Let’s march on Parliament Hill against the arts funding cuts.

(While we’re at it, why doesn’t Greenpeace start a political party in Canada and run candidates? The Green Party can’t seem to even win a seat, their base is made up of grumpy holier-than-thou left-wing purists with no grasp of political reality (& who are equally as intolerant -in their own way- as their right-wing counterparts), and their leader keeps choosing impossible districts to run in. Just a thought.)


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