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don’t panic

It is said that worry & regret are useless emotions. I would add a caveat to that – regret is a good emotion only when it teaches you what you regret, and hence what not to repeat. Likewise, worry reminds you not to allow the situation which arose that worried you to arise again. To worry about things you have no control over, mind you, is a complete waste of time and energy, and does unnecessary harm.

Panic, however, is worse than useless – it’s damaging, and even dangerous. Physically, mentally, financially etc.. It makes bad situations worse. (Almost like you’re willing it to.) Panic tenses you up, when you need to be limber. Panic makes you thrash when you should make no sudden moves, but rather methodical ones. (You can still move quickly as needed, just not aimlessly.) Panic makes you run out the back/public exit of a burning theater with the rest of the mob – getting crowded, stuck and trampled – instead of calmly surveying and going out the clear & uncrowded front exit down by the movie screen.

Panic can arise both in times of physical threat -as outlined above- or otherwise (ie. mental, financial etc.). If, for example, you are panicked that your EI is about to run out then your chances of getting that job that you desperately need decrease exponentially. Desperation & fear do not make for a good scent. There is always the possibility of willing your fears to come true – ie. self-fulfilling prophecy. If you relax and allow the Universal Spirit to course through you, the answer will present itself.

It’s a good time of year to ponder chillaxation. Everything’s gonna be alright – the Earth & Great Spirit can provide for us and keep us safe & warm (as they have in the past) if we just relax, open up & let them.


Call In Sick Before You Get Sick So You Don’t Get Sick

Shshshsh. Don’t tell my boss, but I’m not coming into work today. I’m not sick exactly, but I feel like I’m coming down with something. If I go to work, it’ll break out. But if I stay home now, I think I can beat it!…
Doesn’t it suck when you finally get/take a much needed/deserved day off, but you can’t enjoy it because you’re totally sick! Isn’t it ironic (& not in the Alanis sense)? But do you feel guilty calling in sick when you’re not really.. yet? Well don’t!
You’re going to get sick anyways if you don’t listen to your body and recharge before it’s too late. It may help your consciense to only call in sick when you’re completely flattened, but it’s not exactly preventative. Do you want to treat the symptoms, or the problem?
Some may call them mental health days, I just call them reality days. As in it’s not realisitic to think that you’re a machine, and to put your company ahead of your own health.
Enjoy your day off, and don’t feel you have to wallow in your own maliase to justify a sick day. Take a sick day before you actually get sick!

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