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Clive Doucet for Mayor! Or Brian Kilrea! Or Spartacat! Anybody but Leisure Suit Larry O’Brien!!

So far Ottawa has lost an estimated 280 million over a 3.4 million dollar bus scheduling conflict. Some businesses are teetering on bankrupcy. Thank goodness Clive Doucet (someone in council – anyone!) has split with O’Brien on this farce and called for new negotiators. The two sides aren’t even talking! And all the while Larry O’Brien continues to lead this city like it’s his personal business, with no accountability to, or care for, the 850,000 people he’s putting out over his pride to balance the budget and bust the union. We’re now paying for his alleged lawbreaking/bribe offer to his mayoral rival – in the face of his impending trial (and having been embarrassed by council going behind his back to approve the arts & culture funding), he desperately needs a political victory, and the OC Transpo strike has become his hobby horse. He needs to think of the city first (ahead of himself) and fall on his sword. He could actually be in jail in several months time – too late though to help us now, but at least it may stave off his next bone-headed move. This man is a total disgrace as mayor and must be made to resign.
Perhaps we need a junior hockey coach to whip us back into shape. Step forward highly respected Ottawa living legend, Brian Kilrea. A Memorial Cup victory is all the credentials I need. Then if we ever wanted to know what’s going on at city hall, we could just tune into the Team 1200 for his regular morning call-in.
Or maybe Spartacat is what we need to put smiles back on our faces. I know our Sens aren’t doing so great, but Spartacat is fuzzy and enthusiastic to the max! And kids love him, and it’s all about the kids, right? And that move that Sparty does when he’s shakin’ all over – how cool is that?! It should also be mentioned that he shoots free hotdogs from a hotdog bazooka – he could walk down Rideau Street¬†Rambo-style &¬†feed the homeless!
Take one for the team, Larry – hit the road!



Impeach the Mayor!

Is it just me, or does Ottawa mayor Larry O’Brien look exactly like Lex Luther?! His handling of the arts funding cuts fiasco was underhanded, and now he’s pigheadedly created a crisis with our bus drivers, an already cynical bunch itching for a fight. (If Larry had ever taken a bus in this city he would know this – I can’t count the number of times the drivers have had on-the-job protests, refusing fares.)
The timing couldn’t be worse for the city. The retailers count on Christmas to make their profit for the whole year, and we’re in a severe economic downturn. And with the Jr. World Hockey Championships in town, O’Brien’s looking positively Mel Lastman-esque in terms of embarrassing us on the international stage. Empty stands and a city in chaos don’t exactly make us look like a class act.
Isn’t O’Brien fighting corruption charges right now? What, I ask, is he still doing in office? It’s time for him to go.

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