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I Like Harper: I’m Pro-Rogue

In the U.S.A. apparently a 59-41 spit in the Senate isn’t enough to pass bills (unless you’re a Republican, in which case it only takes 51-49). Democracy is breaking down in North America, but nowhere near as much as in Canada, where -thanks in part to Michaele Jean, or the bullying thereof by Stephen Harper- governments can now call a time-out if they are about to fall, or would otherwise like to wait out some unpleasant scrutiny. Canada helps other countries establish floundering democracies, and yet we cannot maintain our own. Parliamentary democracies all over the world are now looking at ours with suspicion & derision. Democracy is eroding and complacency is not an option, both for our own & for future generations.

Jean Chretien seemingly started the practice of keeping MP’s on a short leash and voting in blocks (and consolidating power in the PMO). Since he had a majority, he could afford to say to his MP’s ‘vote with me OR I’ll set you free’ (ie. kick them out of the party caucus.) The U.S. Senate & House of Reps only ever seem to vote along party lines. Harper has gone one step further than Chretien and completely muzzled his MP’s and Cabinet Ministers, who -in the good ‘ol C.R.A.P. Party days (ie. Conservative-Reform-Alliance Party)- have been given to actually spouting their bigoted positions, which is bad for business.

Historically, Canada has been seen as a peaceful, helpful country. As recently displayed at the Climate Change summit in Copenhagen, our reputation as global leaders has evaporated, and been replaced with the notion that we are pro-business ahead of social/environmental concerns, and actually block progress. The Canada that we know & love is slipping away, and we are too passive to stop it.

I attended the 3500 to 5000 strong Anti-Prorogation rally on Parliament Hill this past Saturday, and was pleasantly surprised to hear of the similar amazing turn-outs in Toronto & Vancouver especially. Stephen Harper doesn’t believe in Parliamentary democracy, where votes in parliament in fact decide which party leads. His minions are still spouting venomously that the other parties in legislature tried to overthrow ‘the will of the people’ last year when he pompously tried to eliminate his opposition’s funding and the house rose up -as it could & should- to replace him. Our best hope however is that very same arrogance: every time Harper gets ahead in the polls he lays an egg, much like he has just done by proroguing parliament to dodge a committee investigating Canadian complicity in Afghan prisoner abuse. My message to Harper: keep going – you’re invincible!


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