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Halifax Hoppin’

It’s been a good summer for Halifax, although Halifaxers may be loathe to admit it. The weather has been dreary all around (except in B.C.), but Halifax has gotten to fly it’s flag high, with a massive concert by Paul MacCartney, a Tall Ships visit, and now hometown super-star helicoptering into Halifax Harbor & landing on a Navy ship, Stanley Cup in hand. Bringing home the bacon, and all the way to hometown Cole Harbor just outside of Hali.

People were unbelieveably friendly down there, even stopping their cars & inviting us to jaywalk in the downtown core. And a note for Ontario visitors – what we know as a ‘regular’ coffee at Tim Horton’s is actually referred to as a ‘single single’. Wink.

And do you want to hear something crazy? – The NDP is in charge! And things haven’t fallen apart! Not only that, the city certainly appears to be doing quite well. I didn’t see Paul McCartney in Ottawa this summer, sadly (& I missed him by 24 hrs in Halifax). Our two cities did share a KISS concert, and I bet they didn’t even hold a ceremonial Shannon Tweed Day (that went through in Otttawa while I was away, right?).

And on top of all that, they still have Frank Magazine down there! The luxury! If Ottawa wasn’t so great, I’d shurely move to Halifax!

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